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Please note that the wedding seat planner tool requires Adobe Flash player to operate. If you cannot see the tool when you scroll down, it may be because Flash is no longer supported by your browser. To enable Flash Player, please follow the instructions on the following webpage. You can also download this tool as a complete .swf file here. Alternatively, a command-based C++ implmentation of this tool is available at


A good seating plan for your wedding is essential if you want guests to enjoy their day; however designing one can also be a real logistical headache. Guests should be with their partners, but you might want other guests to be kept apart. You might also want certain friends to be sat together, but not if this involves putting enemies on the same table.

Now you can be sure that you've made the best possible seating plan by using the clever little tool below. Simply follow the instructions below (or watch this demo video):

You can also use this tool for events such as birthday parties, anniversaries and retirement parties - any gathering that requires a seating plan.

1. Input (or import) the names of all your guests into the grid below, indicating which guests are to sit at the top table. Groups of guests who need to sit together (couples, families, etc.) should be placed into the same row. For example:

Guest Name Companion 1 Companion 2 Companion 3 Companion 4
Catherine Zeta Michael      
Homer Marge Bart Lisa Maggie

2. Click Next. Now click on the appropriate cells in the new grid to define who you'd like to be apart/together etc. Use the buttons on the right to select the correct options. Remember to include the number of tables you'll be using.

3. Now click Make Plan and wait a few seconds. Your optimal seating plan will produced for you. Simple!

Remember: You can save your details and return to this site any time you like. Further information can also be found on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Please note that that Flash Player is required to view the Wedding Seat Planner Tool. This can be downloaded from the adobe website here A command-based C++ implmentation of this tool is also available at